Thursday, August 13, 2009

(no title)

i try to make a list of everything i hate n like
well, here it goes

i hate..

1. saying gudbye after having such a gud time with my friends
2. being told to do things that i don't wanna do
3. being ignored after what i've done
4. being kept in the dark when other people are talking...feels like they're talking about me
5. being lied to
6. being alone

i like..

1. to go on a trip regardless anywhere we're going as long as it is with my friends
2. spending time with my loved one
3. to sit down, do nothing n smoking n drinking n talking with my friends
4. to listen to people rather than talking
5. to sit down n do nothing while lying on a comfortable chair that i have'nt found yet

i want..

1. to spend more time with my friend
2. to spend more n more time with my loved one
3. to being able to enjoy myself more n more
4. to do everything that i wanna do
5. to be able to express my feelings cuz i'm not sure wut i'm feeling rite now

(has anyone come across this list, try doing this..juz 4 fun)
-time taken : 25 minutes